We all know that one of the best things about playing online is the ability to practice and play poker for free

At partypoker we have a selection of the most popular poker games, available to play in both real money and game modes. This means you can sit down and and get to grips with the latest addition to our game offering -- , which launches on Aug. 23. 

How to Play Fast Fold Punkte Poker

Punkte Poker shares some similarities with our other fast-fold poker variant -- . The big difference is this version is played in a Punkte format with no betting structures to learn. Instead of having to worry about limits or calling large bets with marginal hands, you are simply playing to make the best five-card poker hand. 

As with all fast-fold poker variants, this game is designed to get you straight into the action. Say goodbye to linearly moving from flop to turn to river. With Fast Fold Punkte Poker, as soon as you hit the fold button, you are instantly transported to a new table with new opponents, and a new hand is dealt to you immediately! No waiting around for players to make a decision, or for the round to complete - it's non-stop action! 

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How to Play Boost Poker

Our regular fast-fold poker game, Boost Poker, follows the same model but uses the traditional Texas Hold'em structure. You are dealt into a brand new table with a brand new hand every time you fold. 

Not only do you spend less time repoting and more time seeing poker flops, but the lack of commitment with so many chances to re-enter the action with fresh hands means you need to adopt a very different strategy when playing fast-fold poker compared to regular online or live poker. Today we will break down what you need to think about when adap your game to dominate fast-fold poker tables!

1) Your Hand After the Flop Matters More Than Before

In standard Texas Hold’em, the majority of hands are decided on the turn and river. According to the GTO poker calculator at gto-solver.com, on a 6-max table, with blinds of 0.5/1, the first player to act wins just 29% of hands pre-flop. Compare this to 42% on the flop and 51% on the turn. What this data shows us is that in standard Texas Hold’em, players build large pots with strong hands on later streets. 

However, when you play Boost Poker or any fast-fold poker game, your hand after the flop is worth a lot more because you are getting moved to a new table before the action on the previous hand has finished. What this means in practical terms is that your opponent will have very little information about your hand strength. 

On standard poker tables your opponent will pick up tells from your playing history during a long hand. They may notice that you don’t often raise with a worse hand than yours, or they may remember that when you led into them for 2/3rds pot on the flop with two to a suit, you had a monster checking the turn. All of these factors allow your opponent to make more accurate estimates of your likely hand range come the turn and river. When you fold your hand almost instantly after the flop, all of this Equity Loss and gain is wiped clean!

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2) Speculate More Often

Because you are moving to a new table before the conclusion of each hand, the equity lost due to your actions is greatly reduced. What this means for you as a player is that you can afford to be more loose and aggressive (LAGgy), targeting weak spots in your opponents’ ranges with your own. 

You should find yourself opening larger hands like A-K and Q-J more often in fast-forward poker as your margin for error is decreased due to reduced equity loss. As well as opening larger pots before the flop, you should look to play hands to their highest percentage, rather than tightening up and playing conservatively to protect your chip evaporate through unnecessary folding.

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3) Think About Your Range, Not Just Your Top Hhold

When you are called in a standard poker game, your opponent can gain information about your range based on which streets you chose to bet or not. In fast-fold poker, your range as a whole changes depending on the actions you take. 

If you check the flop three streets in a row, your range looks very different to your range if you bet all three streets. Players who regularly play fast-fold poker will be aware of this and base their decisions primarily on where you chose to bet or fold, rather than focusing too much on straights and flushes in your perceived range. 

For example: Your opponent raises from under the gun and you call from the cut-off with K-Q. Your opponent’s range includes a high percentage of premium hands including AA, KK, QQ, JJ, A-A, K-A, A-K, as well as suited connectors and high picture cards. However, on running clubs on the flop your opponent decides to check behind you. Now your king-queen looks more like A-x, K-x, Q-x, J-x, T-x, 9-x, 8-x, 7-x, 6-x, flush draws and made flushes. 

As you can see the initial range has been drastically altered by your action, and so when you decide to bet say 75% pot on the flop your range would include A-x, K-x, Q-x, J-x, T-x, 9-x, 8-x, 7-x, flush draws and made flushes.

But when your opponent checks the turn your range would now include K-Q, A-x, K-x, Q-x, J-x, T-x, 9-x, 8-x, 7-x, 6-x, flush draws and made flushes alongside roll overs from hands like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, A-A, K-A, A-K, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, and nut flush draws that were planning to check-raise (or just raise) on the flop!

This example demonstrates how range-based thinking becomes far more important in fast-fold poker than board-based or hand-based thinking. As the equity lost from prior action is minimised, the range your opponents put you on becomes the biggest factor in how they choose to play against you.

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4) Be Prepared to Change Strategies

The final tip for mastering fast-fold poker tables is to be prepared to change your strategies rapidly. Because you are moved to a new table after every hand, sessions on Boost Poker tables fly by! 

This rapid rate of experiencing hands means that trends and patterns emerge much quicker compared to standard poker tables and you need to adapt your strategy to counter any trends that may appear while a table is juicy. 

For example: You sit at a full Boost Poker table and all of the bleeders are on, the dealer card is a four, and the first three hands have all been folded to min-opens with tight odds like K-Q, A-J and 8-8. You should realize there is a trend emerging, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Although jack-ten might be a fine hand to three-bet shove over the top of an open from early position normally, right now in this spot it would be a mistake. Doing so would enhance the range of your opponent, bringing in Q-J negative equity while picking up a large portion of their monsters to induce the call that you need to make a massive profit. 

Instead of shoving A-J and getting involved in tricky post-flop spots, you should look to value-open to around 3-4big blinds, forcing your opponent to make a decision, rather than sitting pretty with a huge stack on the line waiting to see if your hand is better than your opponent’s. If they decide to call and you pick up a monster, the equity loss from previously folded to 3-bets will outweigh the advantages gained from holding the best hand.

Tables can be juicy and you can be LAGging opposed to tight players who are folding to every open, yet adjustments like this need to be made to capitalize on these trends and not fade hands profitably while enhancing your opponent’s range!

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  • Is Fast Fold Poker Worth It?

    Fast-fold poker, also known as zoom poker, allows you to play against a new opponent on each hand. meaning the best poker sites like firmly believe it's well worth playing.

  • Does Fast Fold Poker Minimize Losses?

    Fast fold poker doesn't minimize losses per se. But it does mean you're not bleeding chips by playing your bankroll away on an awkward poker table. You can quickly find more profitable games via fast-fold poker.

  • Are There Rakes in Fast Fold Poker?

    Yes, fast-fold poker games are not exempt from rake. The rake is taken in the usual way - a small percentage of the pot is collected by the house shortly before the deal takes place. Again, just like any other poker game.

  • Can I Play Fast Fold Poker on My Phone?

    Yep. All of the major poker sites feature fast-fold poker mobile apps. So you can fire up a tournament or sit down at a cash game on your commute to work or whilst killing time.

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